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Fall Camp Update 8/11

The Golden Eagles used today's practice as a walk through for Saturday's scrimmage. It was very nice to see Allen Fails out on the field with the team. Not a full speed practice there were a few bright spots.

Heath Hinton

Parker Shaunfield looked great kicking off and kicking field goals. Coach Hopson stated that he has added distance to his kicks by hitting the weights hard in the off season. The punting duties are still up in the air. Wont settle on a punter until before Kentucky. Coach Hopson knows this is an area that must be improved as he has taken a larger role in coaching special teams.

The quarterbacks looked good, but when going half speed the offense will always look better than the defense. Still too many dropped passes, but there were some outstanding deep throws and catches. Howard seemed to have the better day, but i am really interested who comes out with the 1's at tomorrow's scrimmage. Not much to talk about today, but i am sure with the scrimmage tomorrow, that there were be plenty to discuss.

Heath Hinton