5-Questions: LaShay Page

BGN continues the 5-Questions series with returning guard LaShay Page. The talented junior is beginning his second season with the Golden Eagles. This past year he was a role player for the Eagles, but expects to be a bigger part of the puzzle this season.
Get to know LaShay Page:
1) How much more confident and comfortable do you feel this year as opposed to last year?
"I'm definitely more comfortable. Last year, the experience was great for me after averaging about 19 minutes per game. This year, I will come in very confident on the perimeter with my ability to score as well as on the defensive side."
2) After coming so close to an NCAA Tournament birth a year ago is there a new sense of purpose for the team?
"Definitely. We were in a position to make the NCAA Tournament, but a couple of games slipped away from us. This year, we have more focus and a better purpose. We feel like we deserve to be in the NCAA tournament."
3) Which of the first year players have you been impressed with in early drills and practice?
"I'd have to say point guard Neil Watson and two guard Rashard McGill. Those two guys have played Division 1 basketball before and have been at this level. I feel like we're preparing them to come back to this level after a year at JUCO."
4) What part of your game have your worked most to improve in theh offseason?
I'd have to say my mid-range jumpshot and my floater."
5) In a 3-point shootout with you Angelo and Maurice, who would win?
I'd have to say me. Sharpshooter (Laughs). Sharpshooter."
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