More questions than answers in off the field incident

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Just hours after learning that Junior running back Bubba Kirksey left the team and Freshman linebacker Korey Williams suffered a broken jaw in an off-the-field incident, more information has surfaced in this constant, developing story.
An investigation is under way in Hattiesburg involving some players of the Southern Miss football team. Police responded to a call regarding gunfire at an apartment complex on 38th Avenue, where many of the Southern Miss football players are housed. It has been reported that several rounds were shot at the apartment complex.
According to reports, several players left a nightclub in Hattiesburg and that is where the first of two reported brawls occurred. It is reported that Freshman outside linebacker Korey Williams broke his jaw at the club when he was hit with a bottle.
At this time, coach Larry Fedora has not released the names of other players that could have been involved in the altercation. Coach Fedora says that he is still gathering information just like everyone else.
"Right now I don't know anything until the police get back with me and tell me what they saw and what's going on. We're looking into it, we're talking to guys and we'll find out more as the police break down all their stuff", said Fedora.
The matter of Kirksey leaving the Southern Miss Football team has nothing to do with the pending investigation.
"Bubba left the team for personal reasons. That's all I know, that's all he told me. I wished him luck," said Fedora.
Korey Williams' broken jaw will sideline him for 4-6 weeks. As of right now, Williams has his mouth wired shut. According to Coach Fedora, with Williams out of the starting lineup, look for Martez Smith as his replacement.
It is not believed, at this time, that any Southern Miss football player was responsible for firing rounds.
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